About Us

Dr. Syd Dhillon, D.C.

Dr. Syd Dhillon grew up in Vancouver, Canada. A lifelong hockey player, he was led to chiropractic as a career after experiencing life-changing results for what he was told was an incurable condition he “would have to learn to live with.”

While he lives a lifestyle that is reflective of the many aspects required for optimum health, the focus in the office is not to change your diet, to help you lose weight (even though these are critical aspects of optimum health for most people) etc…it is simply to help reestablish your quality of life through corrective chiropractic care by restoring proper spinal function in relation to the nervous system it protects.

Heather – Chief Operating Officer

Hi there! I’m Heather and I have held a great appreciation for Chiropractic since my college days when I met Dr. Syd. I had been living with painful headaches since a bad car accident when I was 15 years old. I was introduced to Chiropractic by chance and it has changed my life on many levels. Now, a busy mother of two amazing girls, I help Dr. Syd run a caring and successful practice here in lovely Ventura, CA. As a family, we believe in living and promoting a subluxation-free life. I really hope we can help you too!

Cassandra – Office Manager

Cassandra is in charge of most day to day operations at Pure Chiropractic. Since starting at Pure Chiropractic, Cassandra states that her favorite part of her career is helping people regain their ‘joy’ for life as they overcome their pain. Away from the office, when she isn’t raising her little daughter, Violet, she enjoys hiking and cooking.