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What Our Patients Say

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I am so grateful to know Dr. Syd and Heather (Dr Syds’ wife) are truly concerned about the well being of their patients. They make it so convenient and affordable. Honestly, I wouldn’t go anywhere else, even if it was free.

Toni L.

I walked into your office in my walker- I was so bent over and the pain was so bad. I’m now walking upright with little or no pain. As you know I am 83 years old and have had 2 failed low back surgeries. I thank you so much for your care and compassion.

Kathleen P.

Dr. Syd has been able to relieve my pain more than any other doctor I have seen.

Anthony T.

My TMJ had disappeared. Dr. Syd really works with you to make your body feel better.

Cynthia D.

With the help of Dr. Syd my lower spine is so much better. Dr Syd is a great doctor – kind and caring (so is his wife).

Doris R.

Dr. Syd has helped me so much. When I first came to him not able to walk with a disc tear I felt hopeless. During the evaluation he was able to explain to me what was going on and how he was going to help me as long I did what he said. I was back to work faster than I thought once I was seeing him 3 times a week I couldn't deny the improvement. Anytime I go in and tell him what's going on he is able to adjust me where I feel 100 times better than when I walked in. Thank you Dr. Syd for getting me to being a mom and work. I appreciate you and your staff!

Katie P.

Great place! Friendly and respectful staff, wonderful atmosphere. Very informative and helpful. They give military discount.

Mrs L.

So there I was at 4:30 PM with my sacrum out, unable to walk and in excruciating pain. On top of that, I was away from home and didn't know where to go for help. Someone wonderful referred me to Dr. Syd and was I surprised. Cassandra, his lovely and kind assistant made an appointment for me after the office closed and they both stayed with me for 1 1/2 hours until I could walk out.

What a great, conscientious and humanistic chiropractor! He explained every step of the way, telling me what to expect and even went into detail about things to avoid to help the adjustment take. I strongly recommend Pure Chiropractic's to everyone!!!!
Lorraine C.

This place is so great. the staff and Dr. are amazing. they offer a great service for a very fair price. I seriously recommend them to everyone. they are very trustworthy people as well. not only is the treatment great, I also know that the staff and dr really care about my health and are very good at what they do. love this place.

Matt W.

Pure chiropractic is the best place to visit for help with any pain issues. I have had numerous back problems since my youth and never and never really took the time to figure out why. A friend of mine recommended seeing Dr. Dhillon so I took her word and I scheduled my appointment. I received spine adjustments for my upper and lower back, mostly getting tips regarding how to sit, and exercises that could help my treatment. I was lucky that my treatments was covered by my insurance.

Rose F.

Life saver! Dr. Syd is amazing. My neck became immobile on a Fri night, excruciating pain!..his wife returned my call during their dinner and they squeezed me in Sat morning! Dr. Syd knows what he's doing and CARES about making you better. He graciously met me again on Sun (of a holiday weekend!) to keep me on the road to recovery. I cannot highly recommend him enough! I've had chiropractic care for years and my experience at Pure Chiropractic was one of a kind. Dr. Syd is kind, caring, smart, precise, and professional. Thank you!

Kelly J.

Dr. Syd is a dedacated practioner that is devoted to the health of his patents. The staff are friendly and efficient and will always greet you with a smile.

Joshua E.

I am 38 and have been a chiropractic patient since I was 24. I worked for a chiro for almost 7 years and recently was being adjusted by my him and 2 other chiropractors! So basically going in between 3 docs desperate for some relief. I had neck pain radiating down into my shoulder and arm which was causing my fingers to go numb and my hand, forearm, and shoulder to ache and burn. I also felt like I was being stabbed in between my shoulder blades. I was getting little to no relief from all the chiros I was seeing and I was depressed and starting to lose faith in chiropractic!!! One day I saw an ad on Facebook for Pure Chiropractic. I made an appointment and with my 1st adjustment I already felt 90% better!!! Dr. Syd is a God send! He did a thorough exam, took x-rays explained everything and I couldn't be happier or more thankful. From Cassandra at the front desk to Dr. Syd, the entire office is warm, genuine and efficient. Not to mention I'm usually in and out in no more than 10 minutes! If you are in pain don't wait a second longer, call the office! Thank you Dr. Syd!!

M B.

Thank you to Dr Syd for fixing me. I came to him not being able to turn my head or swallow without pain. He found that my neck was stuck in the forward position. All better now. Thanks again Dr. Syd!

Lori R.

I have seen four chiropractors now for chronic neck and shoulder pain and I can say hands down Dr. Syd is the best chiropractor I have seen. He is both thorough and caring. For anyone looking for a great chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Syd.

Mary T.